Mobile security systems: a threat, and an opportunity.

The GSM network and communications on mobile devices are not secure and attacks are becoming easier and cheaper.

CS2 has the most advanced security system for your mobile communications.

  • Terminals are the main vector for capturing sensitive information.
  • All information goes in clear mode.
  • Foreign governments spy on a massive scale.
  • All communications are recorded.
  • Encryption system gives a false sense of security.
Terminals 82%
Clear mode 59%
Government spy 72%
Recorded communications 91%

No security in communications.

The applications that are on the market do not give the level of security that a Government requires:

Developed for indiscriminate mass use.

Low security level.

Lack of the necessary certifications.

Source code available in public markets.

Mobile security system vs Encrypted communication

A Mobile Security System is more than Encryption.

Encryption System
  • Forms part of a secure communication system but it is not enough.
  • Runs on a Non Secure Architecture.
  • Can be detectable in the network.
  • Gives a false sense of security.
  • Does not ensure:
    - the quality of communication.
    - a usable system.
  • Optimization .
  • Undetectable use .
  • Own virtual operator.
  • Certified Military Grade Algorithms.
  • Own Protocols.
  • Open & Secure Architecture.
  • In extreme places and conditions.
  • Extremely Low latency.
  • Intuitive and easy to use.
  • Avoid Denial of Service (DoS).